“Dead Bug” | Boost Your Golf Swing with this Core-Strengthening Stretch from Lauren McMillin

A Stretch That Gives Your Swing an Edge

Golf swings demand strong and stable cores to protect the spine and deliver effective swings consistently. In today’s golf fitness video with RYT-500 yoga instructor Lauren McMillin, we'll unveil a stretch that incorporates dynamic core movement, rotation, and movements that mimic the golf swing. Follow along with Lauren to see first-hand how this exercise can revolutionize your golf swing by stabilizing your core and protecting your spine.

Video: “Dead Bug” Core-Strengthening Exercise from Lauren McMillin

Video Summary

In this video, professional yoga instructor Lauren McMillin demonstrates a core-strengthening exercise designed to enhance your golf swing. Core stabilization is critical to protecting your spine and also making sure that you have a strong, effective, and repeatable swing. Trying an exercise that incorporates dynamic movement in the core, and adding in rotation and movements that mimic the golf swing, will help ensure that your core work is all the more effective.

Key Takeaways

🏌️‍♂️ Step-by-step instructions for the exercise using a golf club

🏌️‍♂️ Benefits of engaging the obliques and core muscles

🏌️‍♂️ Pro-tips for a comfortable and effective workout

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. With the use of a golf club, come all the way down onto your back.
  2. You'll hold the club directly over the shoulders, hands are a little bit wider than the shoulders.
  3. Pick your feet off the floor so knees are stacked above the hips.
  4. Draw your core in to flatten out your lower back against the ground.
  5. From here extend your right leg long. As you do so, rock your right shoulder towards your right hip so that you're coming into a crunch on the right oblique.
  6. Draw everything back to center, and switch sides. Dropping the left shoulder down, twisting the club as the left leg extends, and then bring it back to center.
  7. Continue to alternate sides, engage in the obliques every time one leg extends, and then use the rest of the core muscles to draw the knee back to center.


  • If you experience any lower back discomfort as you do this movement, keep the knee bent on both sides.
  • Inhale every time you extend away, and then exhale. Pull everything back to center, making sure that you're getting maximal engagement from the abdominals.
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Closing Thoughts

Now you have a simple yet effective core-strengthening exercise at your disposal that can help protect your spine and supercharge your golf swing. Combine this exercise with the precision of the F2 Wedge from GoGolf365, and you're on your way to a more powerful and accurate golf game.

Let's keep the game fun and exciting, one swing at a time. To better golf,

Matt Stephens

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About Lauren

With extensive training in Chain Reaction Biomechanics, Lauren McMillin’s main focus is to assist athletes in cultivating integrated joint and muscle stabilization, improve their mobility, achieve a greater range of motion, and learn sport-specific kinematic sequencing. 


A certified RYT-500 yoga instructor, Lauren’s YoGolf Performance is based on the science of the biomechanics of the golf swing.  The combination of exercises Lauren focuses on will lead to all athletes feeling better and perform their best, regardless of age, experience, or injury.

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