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Spark Speed and Distance Trainer

Spark Speed and Distance Trainer

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The “overspeed” aid that’s easier to use, equally effective, and a lot less pricey than the competition.

The Spark trainer is a single, driver-length shaft and grip, with two attachable weights.

It works for right- and left-handed golfers, male or female.

You can use it anywhere you’ve got room, and the only noise it makes is the whoosh of your swing. (Unlike some training aids, there’s no loud “clack” through impact.)

It’s simple, it’s durable – and it’s guaranteed to help you gain speed and distance.


Length 45”
Weight (fixed) 240g
Additional weights (2) 35g & 50g

Works for right and left-handed golfers, men, women and juniors.


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Conforms to the Rules of Golf

The Spark Speed and Distance Trainer  is 100% legal under the Rules of Golf.

That means you can use it for any round, tournaments included.

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