Golf Hamstring Stretch: Hamstring Floss with Lauren McMillin

Loosen Up Your Hamstrings and Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower back discomfort is a very common issue among golfers, but there's a very good chance that a big part of lower back pain is stiff hamstrings.

This simple hamstring floss can help loosen up the hamstrings, improve knee and hip mobility, and get you ready for a round of golf.

Watch the video guide below or follow along with the step-by-step instructions beneath to get started, and don't forget to check out the FAQs at the bottom.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Start on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor
  2. Bring your hands behind your right leg and gently pull your leg as close to your chest as you comfortably can
  3. The left leg can stay bent or you can extend your leg out straight, whichever is more comfortable
  4. As you inhale, extend your leg up to the sky and straighten the leg as much as you comfortably can
  5. As you exhale, gently lower your heel toward your glute. Repeat this motion on the right side about eight times.
  6. Switch legs and repeat steps 1-5 on the left side

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How often should I do this golf hamstring stretch?

You should aim to do the golf hamstring stretch at least three times per week. It's important to stretch regularly to maintain your flexibility and prevent injury.

Can the golf hamstring stretch help me improve my swing?

While the golf hamstring stretch won't directly improve your swing, it can help you maintain better posture and balance throughout your swing. This can lead to more consistent shots and better performance on the course.

Is it normal to feel discomfort while stretching?

It's normal to feel some discomfort while stretching, but you should never feel pain. If you experience pain while stretching, stop immediately and consult a medical professional.

About Lauren

With extensive training in Chain Reaction Biomechanics, Lauren McMillin’s main focus is to assist athletes in cultivating integrated joint and muscle stabilization, improve their mobility, achieve a greater range of motion, and learn sport-specific kinematic sequencing. 

Lauren’s YoGolf Performance is based on the science of the biomechanics of the golf swing.  The combination of exercises Lauren focuses on will lead to all athletes feeling better and perform their best, regardless of age, experience, or injury.

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