Top 8 Best Golf Swing Tips with Videos

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Learn How To Improve Your Golf Swing from Professionals

Even the best golfers are always looking for ways to improve their swing and become a better golfer, but a Google search doesn't give much of anything that's actionable or unique. The top results all have the same vague golf swing tips that can help improve your swing or fix common golf swing errors, but there's nothing really notable.

We're here to change that.

These 8 golf swing tips come from a variety of professional golfers and instructors such as Martin Chuck, John Novosel, Jr., Jon Tattersall, and others. To top it off, each golf swing tip is accompanied by a video guide so you can truly understand why these golf tips will help your golf swing and how to properly execute them.

Let's start with proper set-up and address position.

8. Learn Proper Set-Up and Address

If your golf stance is inconsistent with an improper set-up, you will never be able to consistently strike the middle of the golf club. So before you move onto anything else, work to establish an athletic stance and balanced position so you can easily rotate without losing your balance.

Bonus Tip: Work on your balance with our Top 5 Videos to Improve Your Balance for Golf blog post.

Set-Up and Address Golf Swing Tips from Martin Chuck

In this video tip from Top 100 Teacher Martin Chuck, founder of Tour Striker Golf Academy, you'll learn proper set-up and address with the Teeless HyLaunch Hybrid, although this can be replicated when using other golf clubs.

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First, set up a tee square on the ground so you can have certainty of where you aim. Take your trail foot and put it on the ball line and find the sweet spot with your golf club. Get the structure of your arms in place with a little bit of a dimension and take a practice swing or two before hitting the golf ball.

From there, tap the grass, set your left foot for ball location, drop your right foot back for stance width, waggle a little bit to relax, and go ahead and send one.

7. Improved Golf Grip = Straighter Shots

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When it comes to your golf grip, the key is to make sure you have enough pressure in the grip that you can control where the club face points. The way your golf club is positioned at impact may be the most important variable that determines how straight your golf shots fly.

You want to apply pressure in the middle of your hands to keep the golf club in a stable, correct position and maintain a vice-like grip on the club. It's called a grip, so grip it.

Golf Club Grip Video Guide from Jon Tattersall

This video guide comes from Jon Tattersall, Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor. This video goes over his three principles of swing philosophy, with the first one being the golf grip.

First, apply pressure in the middle of your hands to keep the golf club in a stable position.

Many golfers talk about holding the golf club with a neutral grip, and that may be true for very, very strong people. But for most golfers, you want to maintain a strong, vice-like grip to eliminate independent movement with the club head. This helps to keep the club face pointing toward the target - no weak grip!

Also, think about the angles you set up with your hands - they don't move much. The arms do rotate, but what your hands do is control where the club face is pointing, which is incredibly important to understand where the golf ball is going to go.

6. Work on Your Rotation

The rotation of your body is a major factor that will determine the timing, power, and consistency behind your own golf swing.

By rotating fully through both the backswing and the thru swing, you eliminate depending on the hands at the bottom of the swing, thus developing more consistent timing.

When it comes to distance and power, continuing to rotate through your golf shots is vital seeing as it keeps the speed at the ball and beyond. Instead of swinging the golf club directly at the ball, continuing to rotate allows your club to swing through the hitting zone.

When your timing and power is a result of proper rotation, you'll inevitably develop a more consistent, full swing.

Rotate for Power Golf Swing Tip with John Novosel, Jr.

In this video, you'll learn a simple stretch from John Novosel, Jr. that will help you to open up your shoulder blades so you can rotate more for maximum power for the perfect golf swing.

First, grab a medicine ball or a basketball and place it on your chest, and hold it together with the inside of your arms. Take your lead arm, stretch it forward, and rotate a handful of times.

This will open up your shoulder blades so you'll be able to rotate better and get more power behind your golf swing.

5. Create Solid Impact

Even if you follow all of the best golf swing tips throughout this guide to a T, they'll be useless if you don't create solid impact. That one moment must have the following five factors perfectly executed to land the impact correctly:

  1. Hit the ball in the center of your golf club
  2. The angle of your club face
  3. The direction that your club head travels through impact, otherwise known as the swing path
  4. The angle of attack
  5. How fast the club head is going at the moment of impact with the club accelerating consistently

When these five factors come together just right, you'll nail your golf shots - but if even one of them is off, you'll hit the ball poorly.

How to Create Solid Contact with Martin Chuck

To work on making solid contact, we'll again return to Top 100 Teacher Martin Chuck as he uses the Teeless HyLaunch Hybrid to demonstrate.

The golf swing is an incline circle. It is not a merry-go-round that goes around parallel to the ground, nor is it a ferris wheel that goes in a circle that’s vertical to the ground. This is a relationship where the golf club travels equal parts back up and in, down out and forward, but you want to touch the ball a little bit before we touch the grass.

Get organized over the golf ball and imagine that circle equal parts back up and in, down up to the ball, touching the ball before brushing the grass. Take a few practice swings and hit a downward solid strike to add a bit of spin and some launch. Ideally, you want to disrupt the grass a little bit after impact.

4. Use Your Body to Generate Power

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True power behind your golf swing doesn't come from your arms - it comes from your body. Think of other sports for a moment; whenever you throw a ball for example, the motion begins by planting the lead foot into the ground and using the core and rotation of the body to generate power. We've mentioned how extremely important a solid rotation is throughout this guide, and we can't stress it enough.

By utilizing your body throughout the entire swing to move the golf club instead of totally relying on your arms, you'll be able to develop a more consistent golf swing and launch the golf ball more consistently as well.

Develop Power in Your Backswing with Lee Cox's Golf Swing Tips

Lee Cox is an instructor at The Shire Academy specializing in long drive coaching and the success of his pupils, which his coaching success leading him to be featured in Today's Golfer, a long drive teach-in on the Mark Crossfield video blog, and a coaching role for Sky Sports.

This video drill from Lee focuses on the upper body in the second phase of power, which contains the halfway point between address and impact, that will stretch your shoulders and your drives.

For this golf swing tip, first grab a bungee and attach it to a closed door, wrap it around your trail hand and trail shoulder, and bring it back out in front of you. Rotate and extend your torso to move up and against the bungee to stretch the backside, upper body, and lower body of your trail side.

To take it a step further, you can extend your arm straight out in front of you and practice the same movement.

3. Load Your Trail Leg For Longer Drives

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When you really need to unleash one out on the golf course, don't tense up and try to swing harder - that won't create speed. Instead, you want to create more load in the backswing.

In other words, you want to get some serious hip turn, bring your backswing way back, load your trail leg, and fully follow through on the swing.

How to Load Your Trail Leg with John Novosel, Jr.

The following instruction video from John Novosel, Jr. walks you through how to load your trail leg to create more power behind your back swing step by step.

2. Regularly Stretch

Many golfers struggle with a tight body or excess body weight, therefore having a negative impact on their golf posture; on the other hand, other golfers that take the time to develop a daily habit of stretching out their body tend to have the best golf swings.

When you open up your shoulder blades and oblique muscles, you'll be able to rotate better, therefore adding more power to your golf swing. By cultivating a mobile upper body over a stable lower body through consistent stretching, you'll be able to maximize distance in your swing. Stretching and strengthening the core will also determine how much power and distance you get in your swing.

Golf Fitness Video Tips from Lauren McMillin

With extensive training in Chain Reaction Biomechanics, Lauren McMillin’s main focus is to assist professional and amateur golfers in cultivating integrated joint and muscle stabilization, improve their mobility, achieve a greater range of motion, and learn sport-specific kinematic sequencing to improve their golf swing and beyond. The combination of exercises Lauren focuses on will lead to all athletes feeling better and perform their best, regardless of age, experience, or injury.

Lauren’s YoGolf Performance is based on the science of the biomechanics of the perfect golf swing. Lauren has modeled her program using Katherine Roberts’ Yoga for Golfers, The Gray Institute’s 3DMAPS, and her own training in yoga, Pilates, and functional movement.

Below is one of Lauren's videos showing how you can stretch your lower back for golf. You can view the rest of her fitness videos on this web page.


As Albert Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

If you don't regularly practice these golf swing basics, or try them once or twice, you'll continue to experience the same results while out on the driving range. Conversely, if you commit to regular practice using the great golf swing tips throughout this guide, you can guarantee that your golf swing will improve.

These golf swing tips aren't all we have to offer however; our expansive video library from top-of-the-line instructors totals to nearly 100 videos, and we add more all the time. Putting, driving, chipping, pitching, stretching, strengthening, golf tips, drills - if you're looking to improve any aspect of your game, we have a video for it.

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