HyLaunch Hybrid Proper Set-Up and Address with Martin Chuck

HyLaunch Hybrid Proper Set-Up and Address

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I’m a big fan of the HyLaunch Hybrid clubs, they feel fantastic and I’ll tell ya - I get tons of requests for hybrid tips.

People are confused - is it an iron, is it a wood - well, it’s more of a wood. It’s reminiscent of when I was a little guy and I had a 5-wood. When I look down on this I had the confidence I had when I looked down at my old 5-wood when I was a little guy playing golf and developing my game.

Proper Set-Up and Address

Now you’ll see I have a tee square on the ground. Why is a tee square important to me?

It gives me certainty on where I aim and it helps me move my ball location. For you to develop your skills with your HyLaunch, I want you to use a couple of aim sticks to again build in that certainty.

When you walk into this shot, I want you to take your trail foot - in my case my right foot - and we’re going to put it on the ball line, the skinny white stick.

We’re going to set the HyLaunch Hybrid behind the ball, go ahead and aim that face.

You’ll notice that I’ve got a little bit of a dimension, I’ve got structure in my arms, I have a mild reach. Nothing excessive, but I’ll tell you what - I’m not standing there with the club on the ground with elbows that are separated in a deep squat here because that’s what a lot of people do and that’s not what’s going to help you hit your best shots.

So we’re going to be a little too far away from the golf ball, one little step with your trail foot, find the sweet spot of your HyLaunch Hybrid, set it to the golf ball. Notice how I get the structure of my arms in place.

From there, we can tap the grass, set your left foot for ball location, drop your right foot back for stance width, and that’s a pretty good position to go ahead and hit a shot. I like to waggle to relax a little bit and then go ahead and send one. Enjoy that ball flight with your HyLaunch Hybrid.

So that’s a very simple way to give you certainty for structure at address. As the great Jack Michlaus said, “90% of all shots are at address”

I think we can afford to spend a little time on that too, and it’s going to help you hit your HyLaunch Hybrid all the better.

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