Recoil Drill for Improved Wedge Shots with John Novosel, Jr.

Improve Your Wedge Game

Hey guys John Novosel, Jr. here from GoGolf365. I’ve got out a 56° wedge and I'm working on a special drill that I call the Recoil Drill.

Follow along with the video or read the transcript beneath to get started.

The Drill

What you're going to do is basically make a swing, you're up in here into a nice finish, and then recoil, and then hit the ball. If you can do this, you're really going to teach your body how to find that golf ball.

We're going to sort of break away from that conscious mind, you have to use your subconscious to find that golf ball.

Again, you're going to take a little swing → miss it → back through → back through → see if you can make a solid strike.

What happens is you start to teach your subconscious mind how to create this motion, and you therefore intuitively use the ground better. Also, you get a better angle of attack.

Pro-Tip: Check out John’s Angle of Attack video after this.

I've got one of these cool new F2 wedges. It's got a huge sole on there which helps glide over the turf so that’s helping me out as well - but this is a great drill to really get you more athletic with your wedges.

F2 Wedge

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So again - going to miss this right here, good finish, really solid, really in balance, it’s almost like a pendulum starting and swinging back.

Try my Recoil Drill, let me know how you do. Obviously it helps if you have a huge sole on here like the F2 wedge, but it’s a great drill to really free you up and improve your wedge game - you’re going to shoot lower scores when you do it.

Leave some comments, let me know how you guys do.

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