Legs Crossed Drill for Bunker Shots with Brandon Stooksbury

A Drill That Solves Many Bunker Shot Problems

Hey golfers, we're back again here in the bunker, I told you I was gonna do a series of these. Here's another favorite drill I have.

Folks really have a problem with the lower body in the bunker that causes most of the problems with where your chest moves. That in turn messes with where the club enters the sand, which is a really big deal.

For example, some people have a lot of knee drive, knee drive makes the chest go backwards, chest goes backwards, makes you hit behind it; that's problematic. 

Here's the way we solve that problem.

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Legs Crossed Drill Transcript

You're gonna cross your legs. I know that sounds a little funny, right?

But when you set up with your legs crossed, it keeps you from moving around too much.

Now we can simply make some practice swings, where we enter the sand without a lot of movement. You can even hit golf shots like that. 

Set up to it, make a normal setup, cross your legs, normal bunker swing.

Comes right out because it enters the sand in a predictable spot.

You can control the divot, you can control the bottom, because the leg motion has been turned off.

Try that next time you're out, we're going to clean up the strike a lot in the bunker.

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Brandon currently serves as the Head Golf Professional at the historic Metairie Country Club outside New Orleans, Louisiana. He specializes in competitive player development with a focus in the areas of short-game and putting and has students competing at every level from junior and club golf through the collegiate ranks and professional tours.

Since 2010, Brandon has consistently been ranked among the top 5 teachers in his state by Golf Digest and is a member of the magazine’s elite “Best Young Teachers’ list. He has earned multiple PGA honors including the 2015 and 2018 “Teacher of the Year” in Georgia and has been recognized by GolfTips Magazine as a “Top 25 Instructor” as well as a Top 50 instructor by the Golf Range Association of America.

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