How to Simplify Your Bunker Shot Setup with Brandon Stooksbury

Brandon Stooksbury hitting a solid bunker shot

How to Setup Your Bunker Shots

Tired of feeling like you need a map and compass just to set up your bunker shot?

Well, at least your digital compass took you to the right place as we've got the perfect solution to simplify your set up in the bunker - and who better to help us out than the one and only Brandon Stooksbury?

In this bunker shot setup guide, we'll show you an easy and effective setup that'll have you hitting out of the sand like a pro in no time. We'll cover everything from the best wedge to use to the most frequently asked questions about greenside bunker shots.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, mastering the bunker shot setup is a game-changer.  Let's dive in.

Bunker Setup Video Tip

Bunker Setup Video Transcript


There's a lot of stuff out there you're gonna hear; many golfers set up with your feet open, chest open, open the clubface, swing left, etc.

I'm not saying all that's bad information, but I'm saying it's pretty complicated, right?

I don't think it has to be that way. Let's make it real simple.

Easy Bunker Setup

  1. Draw a line off the golf ball in the sand.

  2. Walk in, put the left, or lead, heel on that line. That puts the golf ball pretty far forward in our stance.

  3. Next, open the club face until the grooves point at the big toe. On a clock face, that might be opening the face to the two o'clock position.

    •  It's really important that you open the club face and then grip it, you don't grip it and then try to open it - that leads to issues.

Two Options for Stance

I'm going to give you two options on how you stand to hit a good bunker shot.

  1. Stand your weight 50/50 like you would any other golf shot. That's gonna require you to move your chest a little bit in the through swing.

  2. The other option would be to go ahead and load the left leg with about 60% of your weight. Not 80% of your weight, just 60% of your weight.

    • That moves your chest forward so now you don't have to move it forward a whole lot when you swing it, you just have to kind of leave it there.

In both options, your feet are gonna be square, I don't want you standing very open to the target. I want you to square to the target.

In conclusion: square feet, draw your line, lead heel on the line, open the clubface till it points to the grooves, pick which stance you want, and go ahead and finish, looking up at the target.

With this drill, the right club, and a little practice, you'll be nailing bunker shots in no time.

Benefits of this Bunker Setup

This should make a lot of difference in the quality of contact and the repeatability of how you hit bunker shots, which leads to more consistency and lower scores coming out of the bunker.

Hitting a bunker shot with a sand wedge takes a quality golf club, like the F2.

The Best Sand Wedge

The best sand wedge to conquer the bunker is the F2 Wedge.

The F2’s face-forward design and wide, dual-bounce sole work wonders in the bunker, allowing you to glide through the sand underneath the golf ball. With the hosel out of the way, sand can’t grab the club’s heel section and slow it down.

The leading edge is also designed to slip effortlessly into the surface, while the sole’s width prevents dig that causes chunked bunker shots. 

Packed with other innovative features that make it stand out from the crowd such as its precision-milled grooves and wave design, this unique wedge gives you unparalleled control and consistency in the bunker.

The hosel, or the area of the wedge that causes a shank

Once you try the F2 Series Wave Wedge, you won't want to go back to your old wedge. 

Give it a swing and see for yourself why the F2 Series Wave Wedge is the go-to tool of many golfers that want to nail those tricky bunker shots.

F2 Wedge

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Where should the ball be for a bunker shot?

For good bunker shots, the ball position should be slightly forward in your stance, closer to your front foot. Ideally, the ball should be around 1-2 inches inside your front heel. This helps you to hit the sand first and then the ball, creating a sand splash and sending the ball up and out of the bunker. Positioning the ball forward also helps you to open the face of your golf club and swing along the line of your feet, which is crucial for successful bunker shots.

What is the best club to use for a bunker shot?

The best club to use for a bunker shot is the F2 Wave Series Sand Wedge 56°. This sand wedge is designed to help you get the golf ball out of the sand quickly and easily with a wide, dual-bounce sole and a high loft, which makes it easier to hit the golf ball out of the sand without too much dig.

How do I keep my bunker shots from going too far?

To prevent your bunker shots from going too far, you should focus on keeping your swing smooth and controlled. Avoid swinging too hard and try to keep your arms and body in sync during the swing. Additionally, you can adjust your golf club selection to find the right one for the distance you want to hit. A higher lofted club will help you hit bunker shots shorter distances, while a lower lofted club will help you hit longer distances.

How can I hit bunker shots further?

To hit the golf ball further with a bunker shot, try to make a more aggressive swing. Make sure your arms and wrists remain relaxed throughout the swing and focus on creating power by driving through the golf ball with your lower body. This will help you generate more clubhead speed, which will ultimately lead to increased distance on your bunker shots.

How can I improve my accuracy with bunker shots?

To improve your accuracy with bunker play, you'll have to practice bunker shots by focusing on making a consistent swing with a square club face. Make sure you maintain a wide stance and keep your weight evenly distributed on both feet. Additionally, it's important to make sure your hands and arms remain relaxed throughout the swing and that you stay patient and don't rush your bunker shot like most golfers.

What is a greenside bunker shot?

A greenside bunker is one of those sand shots in a sand trap that's located near the green.

John Novosel, Jr. hitting a bunker shot

That's a wrap! We hope you've learned some valuable tips on simplifying your setup in bunkers with Brandon Stooksbury. 

Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more golf tip videos like this and give the F2 Series Wave Wedge a shot. With its innovative design, precision performance, and a little practice, you'll be hitting out of the sand like a pro in no time.

Go forth, conquer those bunkers, and most importantly, have fun out on the golf course!

Until next time.

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