What’s the “Secret Sauce” of the F2 Wedge?

Discover How the F2 Has Changed the Game

See why 200,000+ golfers made the switch to the F2 and never looked back.

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F2 Wedge

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The Secret: Face-Forward Technology

So what's the real secret sauce in the F2 Wedge?

It's the exclusive face-forward technology.

This is the design and engineering that was developed to address multiple problems for recreational golfers.

This patented innovation places the hosel behind the clubface, putting the golf club in a tour-like, face-forward position on every shot.

Benefits of Face-Forward Technology

Improve Contact and Cleaner Strikes

Because the face arrives before the hosel, you'll get improved contact and cleaner strikes out of any lie.

No More Shanks - Ever

Since the hosel arrives after the ball is gone, you'll never shank the ball again, I promise.

Increased Accuracy and Control From the Rough or Sand

Another great benefit you get from the face-forward design is shots from the rough and sand.

With the hosel moved back, sand and rough don't have the time to grab the hosel and twist the face prior to impact. The face gets there first.

This allows you to have cleaner, more consistent contact and increased accuracy.

Your clubhead speed is affected less, giving you better distance control.

Eliminate Fat and Thin Shots

You might be asking how does the F2 Wave help if you suffer from chunks or bladed wedges?

The face-forward leading edge has been cambered and engineered with a dual-bounce soul. 

This lets it slide under the ball in perfect contact with the turf to eliminate all your fat shots and thin shots.

30% Larger Hitting Area

But here's yet another great feature of this advanced wedge. With the hosel back, the entire face is now a very effective hitting area.

By expanding the usable area of the face, you'll have the largest hitting area available from heel to toe.

A 30% larger effective hitting area gives you additional playability and increased forgiveness.

The hosel, or the area of the wedge that causes a shank

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F2 Wedge

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  (150+)

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F2 Wedge 2-Pack

F2 Wedge 2-Pack



F2 Wedge 3-Pack

F2 Wedge 3-Pack




Are F2 Wedges legal?

Yes, F2 Wedges are completely legal under the Rules of Golf.

What’s the F2 Wedge review?

The F2 Wedge has over 170 verified customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.

I never shank, why do I need a shank-proof wedge?

If you own a wedge that guarantees to escape every bunker in one, eliminates fat chips and pitches, performs equally well from any kind of lie, why wouldn’t you want it?

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