What To Consider When Choosing Golf Equipment for Senior Golfers

Swallow Your Pride for Longer Drives

Lee Cox here for GoGolf365, looking at equipment now for the senior golfer.

If you're looking to try and keep up your distance, equipment is a big part of it; here’s the things you need to look at when considering golf equipment as you age.

Equipment Consideration As You Age Transcript

1. Loft

First of all is loft. So I've tended to use the same loft over the years, but really in truth, I got measured last week and I need to go up in the loft a little bit.

2. Forgiveness

I certainly need a little bit more forgiveness, this club these days is a little bit more difficult for me to hit.

3. Shaft

The shaft itself; this is stiff, I'm probably getting into a very weaker stiff, or regular, would be perfect for me. 

4. Adjustability

And also as my body is changing as I get older, I want to have a bit of adjustability. 

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Wrapping It Up

So pride tends to make you stick with the same club, the same features that you use when you're younger.

But one of the quickest ways to get distance up without working on your body or your swing, is just to have a check on equipment, get a club that’s suitable, forget your pride, and also get some adjustability.

So as your body changes over the years, you can then make adjustments as you go on. You can always go back retrospectively and change the shaft and other factors. 

Don’t be proud. Get a club that suits you for where you are now.

Golf Equipment for Senior Golfers FAQs

Why is flexibility important for senior golfers?

Flexibility is important for senior golfers because it affects how easy you can swing the golf club which can impact the accuracy of shots.

How does club weight impact senior golfers?

Club weight can impact senior golfers by making it easier to swing the club which therefore affects how fast the clubhead moves through the air.

Why is club length important for senior golfers?

Club length is important for senior golfers because it affects the balance and control they have over the club, and therefore the ability to hit accurate shots.

Why is grip size important for senior golfers?

Grip size is important for senior golfers because it affects how secure the club can be held as well as the control over the club.

Whilst teaching a wide range of skills to both amateurs and professionals at The Shire Academy in North London, he has seen his reputation burgeoning by way of specialization in long drive coaching and the success therein of his pupils.

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