The Easiest Golf Backswing Drill To Get Better Extension with John Novosel, Jr.

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The Best Golf Backswing Drill with John Novosel, Jr.

In this guide to improving your backswing, professional golf instructor John Novosel, Jr. will walk you through a simple backswing drill so you can build better extension no matter your skill level.

This golf swing guide features a full video transcription with clear instructions on how to perform this golf backswing drill, answer some common FAQs, and provide more drills that will help improve your back swing.

Get the knowledge and confidence you need to improve your golf swing out on the golf course only at GoGolf365.

Topics Covered in This Golf Swing Guide

Golf Backswing Drill Video

One Arm Over the Shoulder Drill Transcription

Hey guys, John Novosel, Jr here with GoGolf365.

I'm here with my good friend David Cohn, and we’re talking about the back swing.

The Problem with Most Back Swings

What I see with a lot of my elder swingers is they get stuck in here with no extension through the spine to create a longer back swing.

So, David take the club and show us a back swing real quick. 

What we'd love to see to get him more power is giving him a hand up a little here.

How to Do This Golf Backswing Drill

The golf backswing drill we're going to do is called the “One Arm Over the Shoulder Drill” - here’s how you do it.

  1. Take a golf ball in your dominant hand

  2. Extend your arm

  3. Rotate and throw the ball towards range

Now look how he's opened up all of this, creating that extension. That's gonna have way more room to create power.

So that is the one arm over the shoulder drill. All you're doing is out here, popping through the ground, and letting it fly behind you.

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What is a backswing in golf?

A back swing in golf is the movement of the club and body away from the ball, in preparation for the downswing and impact. During the back swing, the golfer rotates and swings the club away from the ball, creating potential energy that can be transferred into the ball at impact.

Why is the back swing important in golf?

The back swing is important in golf because it helps the golfer generate power and speed in their swing. By rotating and swinging the club back, the golfer can create potential energy that can be transferred into the ball at impact, resulting in a longer and more accurate shot.

What should the golf back swing feel like?

The golf backswing should feel smooth and balanced, with a gradual build-up of power and speed as the golf club is swung away from the ball. During the back swing, the golfer should feel their weight shift to the back foot and rotate away from the target. The golf club should be swung back in a straight line, with the wrists hinging naturally at the top of the backswing.

How can I improve my golf backswing?

To improve your golf backswing, focus on maintaining a smooth and consistent swing path, keeping your weight balanced and your body relaxed throughout the swing. You can also try using backswing drills, such as the "toe-up" drill or the "one-piece takeaway" drill, to help improve your mechanics and develop power. Finally, seeking help from a golf professional who can provide personalized feedback and instruction can also be highly beneficial.

What muscles start the golf backswing?

The muscles that start the golf backswing are primarily located in the upper body, including the shoulders, chest, and back. These muscles work together to rotate the body away from the target and swing the golf club back in a smooth and controlled manner. Additionally, the legs and hips also play a role in starting the backswing, helping to shift the weight back and create momentum for the swing.

How often should I practice golf backswing drills?

The frequency with which you practice golf backswing drills will depend on your individual goals and practice routine. However, as with any aspect of your golf game, regular practice is key to seeing improvement. Aim to incorporate backswing drills into your practice routine at least once or twice a week, and consider practicing them before each round or practice session to help reinforce proper mechanics and improve your overall swing.

More Golf Backswing Drills

Wrist Angle in the Back Swing with John Tattersall

Ball path, predominantly, starts on a specific line determined by face angle, not necessarily club path. It’s important to understand your wrist angle in relation to your club face. Jon explains that an improper position of the wrists at the top of the back swing can create an opened or closed club face at impact.

Develop Power in Your Backswing with Lee Cox

If you’ve got a bungee cord handy, Lee Cox has a golf backswing drill that will stretch your power in ways you may not have felt for a while. Your shoulders, shoulder blades and “boxer’s muscle” get a good workout as you “flow to the top,” in Lee’s words. Best of all, the backswing drill will help you feel the movements of a proper turn – and feelings translate to a more natural swing.

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