Speed & Power Drill with John Novosel, Jr.

John Novosel, Jr. with GoGolf365, we’re talking about speed and power.

I’ve got a medicine ball to show you a couple drills you can do to get more speed and power into your golf swing.

It’s very simple, you can do them anywhere, do them out here on the course, and it’s going to help you feel more rotation for more speed and more power.

Drill #1: Backswing Rotation

As you’ve seen in some of my drills, we’re really going to work this backswing, that’s our first drill. Working this connection to make this all turn together.

What I see so much with average golfers and their backswings is they should do this, they don’t really rotate.

So you’re really going to feel through the ground, this rotation. Notice how this medicine ball helps me keep my structure. So that’s drill number one.

Drill #2: Up, Slam for Speed and Power

Number two is once we get a feel of where this is, now I’m going to work on slam. Don’t hit your foot. Up, slam. Up, slam.

That’s going to help you feel how you’re really going to use the ground, getting into your squat, slamming those arms down to create speed and power.

These are great drills you can do at home, don’t make a lot of noise, you don’t need walls, use the ground.

More speed and power in your golf swing, give those a try, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and let me know how you do.

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