Simple Putting Tip: Eyes Over the Ball for Consistency with Brandon Stooksbury

The Best Putting Tip for Consistency

Hey GoGolf365 members, I've talked about the five lines in putting before if you've seen some other videos.

Here's one in particular that’s also right up near the top - it’s where your eyes are relative to the ball when you set up.

Watch the video or follow along with the transcript beneath to get started.


So you see this ball on the ground here, and I'm just going to turn sideways so you can see this. When you set up to the putt, your eyes should be right over the ball, or perhaps just on the inside edge of the golf ball. Much more inside than that, that it makes the putter arc too much.

If you get outside the ball, then it makes the putter arc in the reverse way. Neither one of those are really good for putting the way you want, or for making the ball go where you want it to go.

How to Test Your Putting Setup

So here's a quick little test. You get your setup, just have a ball in your left pocket.

You hold your head really still, take the ball out, put it right under your left eye, and just drop it.

You can see there that that ball maybe is a little bit too far inside the golf ball for my taste, but that's pretty close. It landed right on the inside edge of that golf ball.

So as long as it's in line with the ball, or just a hair to the inside, you should be fine.

If you start to see it way inside, or way outside, you know you've got a problem and your setup needs to be adjusted.

Wrapping It Up

It could be a lot of things that are causing that we'll get into in later videos, but that's a really good test.

Five lines - one of those five is that the eyes are right over the ball or on the inside edge of the ball. Either one of those two will be fine.

Check it out next time you're out, you should have a lot better luck getting the ball to start where you want when you get your eyes in a place where you can actually see the line you're looking at.

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