Overspeed Drill with Lee Cox

Train Your Arms and Wrists for More Speed & Distance

Your arms and your wrists play a role in producing speed, and this Overspeed Drill with the Spark Speed and Distance Trainer is an excellent way to train both.

Follow along with the video (turn your volume up) or read the transcript beneath to get started.

What You’ll Need

• Spark Speed and Distance Trainer (Recommended)

OR the Teeless Driver

Warm Up

The Spark Speed and Distance Trainer is a slightly underweighted golf club, it’s only 8% lighter than my normal driver. You can also do this with your own driver.

If I sort of get it moving slowly here, you can't really hear it making much of a noise. As I'm doing this exercise, I'm trying not to hit the ground, so it's a movement of the club through the air.

How It Works

When I'm going for my more normal swing, you'll start to hear the club moving through the air. That noise is coming from the head of the club and the shaft of the club cutting through the wind - it's a good little exercise for you.

If you can see that as I set up the club here, this exercise gets your arms, wrists, and hands working a little bit better. It will instantly give you a bit more speed.

The Drill

I'm going to basically turn the club the other way up - so instead of grip up, clubhead down - I’m going to swing to left arm horizontal. You can see now the grip’s down.

Then as I’m come forward, I’m going to turn it back upside down - so now it's grip up, clubhead down - and then take that all the way through. Immediately what we’ll hear is some club speed as it's cutting through the wind.

If I was to add a bit of turn with that, it would add even more speed, even more sound as you hear it cutting through the wind.

This is a very simple way to train your arms and wrists, you can do it at home with a ball and you're looking to make as much noise as you can with the club.

Spark Speed and Distance Trainer

★★★★★ Average Customer Review

✓ A single, driver-length shaft and grip, with two attachable weights

✓ Works for right- and left-handed golfers

✓ Guaranteed to help you gain speed and distance

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