Maintaining Distance as You Age

Renowned Power Coach Helps You Fight Father Time

Lee Cox has coached numerous golfers to long-driving championships. He knows a thing or two about bombing it off the tee. Now, he’s here to teach you his secrets as a GoGolf365 faculty member. This time around, Lee addresses an issue that plagues us all, sooner or later:

Getting older and losing distance.

It’s a fact of life – proven by a study that shows golfers lose 7 yards per decade between ages 30 and 50 – and that’s just off the tee. So, does that mean you should resign yourself to hitting weaker and weaker drives as the years advance? Heck no!
Lee has some great tips to allow you to maintain distance and maximize your power as you get older. You will never again worry about keeping up with those young bucks! His new lesson includes a simple technique that defies one of golf’s oldest clichés.

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