How to Fix Your Golf Slice with a Ball: 4 Easy Steps with John Novosel, Jr.

how to fix a golf slice with john novosel jr

How to Correct a Slice in Golf

Hey guys, John Novosel Jr. for GoGolf365.

In today’s GoGolf365 Guide, I'm going to show you how a simple ball can help you with your golf slice with an instructional video and accompanying transcript. Plus, we’ll answer some FAQs.

Grab a softball and a club and let’s get started.

Golf Slice Fix Video Guide


(I'm a lefty and I'm going to be hitting this way)

What we see with a lot of slicers is this trail arm gets out this way, and gets that path going there. There's a terrible impact, no power.

Golf Slice Fix Drill

So, all we're gonna do is take this ball, sort of like a weighted softball.

  1. Twist as if you’re about to swing, lift your trail arm nice and high
  2. Keep your glove hand outstretched
  3. Connect your hands, keeping your glove hand where it is
    1. The slicer kind of jerks it like this immediately, and gets it over the top. So, keep your glove hand where it is, and connect your trail hand to it.
  4. Now, just twist and then throw that ball.

For your slicer, since you're so used to coming on the top, just gently throw it down the target line. Maybe a little bit inside out. But, that's really going to help you get a feel to create a better path.


So, really lift up, stretch your side, your glove hand stays outstretched where it is, and just connect.

Don't go that way, it won't connect, right? And then we don't want to do this. Just leave your glove hand here, connect.

Now use your body just like you would throw. Do that.

In Practice

Now when you grab your club, you're gonna feel that it feels easy. Now, look at where I've got this shaft coming up my forearm, and I'm going to deliver from a beautiful position to hit any kind of shot I want, but not that pole slice.

So, give that a try. Leave me comments, let me know how you do. By the way, it might get you a little extra power!

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What is a slice in golf?

A slice in golf refers to a shot that curves excessively from left to right (for a right-handed golfer) or right to left (for a left-handed golfer). It is an unwanted ball flight pattern that can result in a loss of accuracy and distance.

Does swinging too hard cause a slice?

Swinging too hard can contribute to a slice in golf. When a golfer swings with excessive power or tries to hit the ball too forcefully, it can lead to an imbalance in the swing path, resulting in an open clubface at impact. This open clubface, combined with an out-to-in swing path, causes the ball to spin sideways and produce a slice.

What causes a slice in golf?

Several factors can cause a slice in golf. The most common causes include an open clubface at impact, an out-to-in swing path (also known as "over the top" swing), an improper grip, poor body alignment, and weight distribution issues. Any combination of these factors can contribute to the onset of a slice.

Should I adjust my driver if I slice?

If you consistently slice the ball with your driver, it may be worth considering adjustments. Firstly, check your setup and alignment to ensure they are correct. Secondly, evaluate your grip and make any necessary corrections. Finally, if the slice persists, you could experiment with adjusting the driver's loft or utilizing a different driver that offers more forgiveness in reducing the slice. It is advisable to consult a golf professional or club fitter who can provide personalized guidance based on your swing characteristics.

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