How to Create Solid Impact with Martin Chuck

How to Create Solid Impact

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I get all kinds of questions about the hybrid - do I hit down on it, do I hit it like a wood - now think about this.

The golf swing is an incline circle. It is not a merry-go-round that goes around parallel to the ground, nor is it a ferris wheel that goes in a circle that’s vertical to the ground.

This is a relationship where the golf club travels equal parts back up and in, down out and forward, but you want to touch the ball a little bit before we touch the grass.

Here’s the beautiful thing, there’s some insurance built into this club. If you happen to hit it a little fat, the club skids beautifully as it has this design here at the leading end elevated a little bit.

But this is a shot where the club where the club works down and out to the bottom of the circle ideally touching the golf ball before we touch the grass.

How to Create Solid Impact

So for a lot of you out there, don’t try to help this up in the air. Get organized over the golf ball.

Imagine that circle equal parts back up an in, down up to the ball, touching the ball brushing the grass.

If you have that visual - let’s have a little shot here - maybe even take a little baby divot after impact. Watch that ball fly beautifully in the sky, and you’ll notice I purposefully disrupted the grass a little bit after impact.

That downward strike adds a bit of spin, adds some launch, you’re going to hit some great shots with your HyLaunch Hybrid.

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