Drill: How to Use the Ground to Generate Power in Your Golf Swing with John Novosel, Jr.

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Hey guys, John Novosel, Jr here with GoGolf365.

I’ve got my Bushnell Launch Pro out, I'm working on ground force and feeling these levers in the body - and it's not the lever you might think it is.

Watch the video or follow along with the transcript below to get started.

Create Power Through the Ground Video Drill

Video Transcript


I’ve been having some great conversations with Lee Cox and John Tattersall, two of our GoGolf365 teachers. One of the things they've really imparted to me on ground force is as follows:

As you go back, if you don't start to push this trail foot this way, you'll basically just sway over here. And then what I see everybody do is they sway back, they don't create any power.

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Like Throwing a Frisbee

I've been playing some frisbee lately, and I've noticed that as I'm going to pull the frisbee, I feel this huge push with this leg and this foot into the ground this way. It moves me this way, but I'm trying to hold the Frisbee back here.

Because if I go like this, I don't have anything; but as I push, now I've got this huge stretch, and I can push off the ground to create power.

The Drill

So the drill is a little bit of a Bryson Drill almost. I'm kind of going straighter arms, trying to use the body levers.

As I get back, I'm starting to push in the ground this way, it's moving me that way. So I'm going to be feeling that, and then I'm going to do that frisbee tug.

If I go right away with the upper body, I lose the lever and I lose the fulcrum.

What I'm trying to feel here is pretty wide backswing. As I get about halfway, I'm really feeling that push this way, which has moved me towards the camera. Then once I get there, I'm gonna do that. 

That's a great drill, a great feel for you to create power through the ground. Using the fulcrums, or levers, in the body - not the wrist. That's a whole nother topic.

So, going a little stiffer here, trying to just feel this wide, super wide backswing so that I feel this force push me this way so I have to counteract it.

But then just like the Frisbee staying here, so then I can go.

So give that a try, let me know what you think, leave me some comments. I know it's going to help you for speed and power, better use of the ground. 

Have fun, golf strong

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John Novosel Jr. is the Co-Creator of Tour Tempo. Tour Tempo is the best-selling book published by Doubleday and is a 5-star app for iOS. In addition to TT, he has patented or co-patented 4 swing training aids. He recently authored Tour Tempo Force, which hit #1 on Apple books for all sports.


He has given thousands of speed lessons to golfers of all abilities from Major Champions through beginners. He also walks the walk, at 52 years old he produces swing speeds over 130 mph and has competed in long drive events, his longest drive in competition is 402 yards.

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