Brush the Grass for Better Chipping with John Novosel, Jr.

How to Avoid Shanking

Hey guys, John Novosel, Jr. here, I’m talking chipping and pitching. I'm going to show you a common mistake that I see with golfers and what you can do to work on it. It's a subject that’s very touchy, it's called the shanks.

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Avoid This Mistake

I know that's scary to say that word, I hate saying it, but what I see a lot of with golfers - and the reason they do shank - is that they get the club here and for some reason, they go out this way with it.

So as you go this way, you throw the hosel at the ball, and that's a big no-no. So we just want to be more on plane. So we're back here, we're back there, as opposed to this helping it out this way away from the body.

The Technique

What you see with a lot of really good players is on their follow through, their hands are in here, they’re never out that way.

So for your chipping technique, brush the grass, and then let that gently come around to your hip. 

The other thing is you'll notice that I've got this really cool new wedge from F2, and what you’ll see on it is that it's got this leading edge way out in front of the hosel that is shank-proof - I absolutely love this.

So when you set up to this, you’re going to make a swing. Even if you throw the hosel like I just did right there, it goes dead straight.

The F2 Wedge has this extra room on the sole so you can hit it off of the heel - it’s really going to help.

F2 Wedge

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✓ Superior forgiveness and versatility

✓ Maximum spin & silky soft feel

✓ 100% shank-proof and 100% legal under the Rules of Golf


But anyway, on the tip, no throwing out that way. Let this be gentle, let your arms be soft back here, that’s going to help you stop shanking it - and these F2 wedges will also help as well.

Try that, leave your comments below, let that wedge come back around, don’t go out with it. Thanks again for watching.

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