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All right GoGolf365 members, here’s another good putting drill. A few years ago, the United States Golf Association - the governing body of golf - made it illegal to anchor the putter to your body in any way.

There were two ways that people used to anchor putters; they would use long putters and anchor them in their chest, or they would use belly putters where the putter had an extended handle and it would actually anchor into your belly as you hit the putt.

Well the USGA deemed that to be an advantage. Here's the thing; you can't do that when you putt anymore when you’re playing, but you can sure recreate it in practice.

In other words, you can take advantage of belly putting in your practice so that it helps you when you go out and putt.

Follow along with the video or read the transcript beneath to get started.

What You’ll Need

So in order to do that, just get yourself an alignment stick. Now I had this one cut down to just a little bit longer than the length of a putter - they make them in different lengths - but you’re looking for one that’s about 35” - 40” long.

A typical belly putter used to be between 40” - 42”.

The Drill

Take the alignment stick, put it right in the back of the putter, run it right up the handle, and when you take your setup, you put it right in your belly.

Now you can make putts, and make putting strokes, with some attachment into your belly and really feel the stability. 

It wont let you bring it inside too much, it won’t let you bring it outside, you'll feel that. If you keep it right in the middle of your belly and make some putts, you'll understand how the putter should move.

You can take what's now illegal in play and put it to use in practice to really help you get a feel for how the putter moves better forward and backward through the strokes.

Try that the next time you're out, your putting should get a lot better. All of this is trying to control how the putter head moves so that we can control where the ball rolls after we hit it.

Really really important, so if you have any questions for that leave them in the comments below, I’ll try and help you every way I can. Putting should start to get a lot better if you try the Belly Putter Drill. 

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