Dynamic Pigeon with Lauren McMillin

Develop Greater Space and Mobility in Your Joints

If you have stiffness in your shoulders, spine, or hips, you may be missing out on key components of not only your golf performance but your longevity of the game.

Try this dynamic rotational hip stretch to help work on all three areas, giving you greater space and mobility in your joints and helping you play and feel your best.

Dynamic Pigeon

Starting from your hands and knees, slide your left knee forward towards your left wrist, walk the right knee back.

Bring your left foot across your mat so your left foot is weakened closer to the right wrist now and extend your right leg back even further.

Try to even out your weight so you're not collapsing all of your weight into your left hip so you can keep it relatively even between both hips. 

You may already be feeling a pretty intense stretch here for the left hip. If you need additional support, you can place a block or a cushion underneath the outside of the hip.

From here, you can drop down to your forearms, keeping your spine long, the crown of the head reaching forward and up. 

From here, take your right forearm, rotate it so that it's parallel with the front edge of your mat and extend your left arm out to the side.

As you inhale, open your left arm, opening through the shoulder twisting through the spine and then release your hand back down, reaching it out long again, and helps twist open.

Exhale to release, repeat.

If this hip stretch bothers your lower back or your knee, gently release it and you'll do it figure four stretch either seated or on your back

Do this about three to five times before switching sides.

This video exercise was developed by Lauren McMillin, an industry professional in increasing power, reducing the risk of injury, and improving mobility, stability, and range of motion through yoga, Pilates, and functional movement.

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That’s a not a pigeon move; that’s a pretzel! Lol! The stretch is great if you are thirty. Why not illustrate a stretch for us seniors who have a multitude of muscle and joint issues or limitations. Golf advertisements are rarely focused toward the mature market. Just saying.


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