19° HyLaunch Hybrid

  • Equivalent Club:3-iron or 5-wood
  • Length:41”
  • Lie:59°
  • Clubface Material:Maraging Steel
  • Swingweight:D2

22° HyLaunch Hybrid

  • Equivalent Club:4-iron or 7-wood
  • Length:40.5”
  • Lie:59.5°
  • Clubface Material:Maraging Steel
  • Swingweight:D2

Teeless HyLaunch Hybrid


Q.What is the (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid?

Hy-Launch Hybrids are specifically designed for regular golfers to launch the ball higher, straighter and further, with less effort. Hitting the ball higher & farther means clearing sand and trouble. And with the extra spin and control, you’ll be able to hold more greens. It is the most forgiving and easiest hybrid you’ll EVER hit…or your money back!

Q.How and Why Does the (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid Work?

The “no-dig” design of the Hy-Launch Hybrid sole keeps the club from digging and pops the ball straight up in the air for optimum distance and accuracy. They also moved the center gravity back and low, compared to a normal hybrid. Doing this expands the sweetspot, effectively making the entire face one massive sweetspot!

Q.How Much More Distance will I Get with the (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid?

Good question! Some golfers are experiencing 8 yards longer and straighter going directly into the middle of the fairway, while others are gaining 12 -15+ yards.

Q.Is the (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid a "Real," Quality-Made Club?

The material they found accomplished the task best, was a cutting-edge, high performance, specialty steel alloy from Carpenter Steel called maraging steel but also known as Spring Steel. It’s called Spring Steel because of its combination of thin, light weight and almost trampoline reaction it imparts to a golf ball.

To complete this all new, state of the art hybrid, they matched a proprietary composite shaft with the ultimate kick point, launch characteristics and forgiveness, along with a high end, tour style grip. And to finish it off, a head cover that looks and feels top quality.

Q.Will the (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid Work with My Current Swing?

Yes! It is designed to fully use the energy of your swing speed and translate it into optimum distance for your hybrid shots.

Q.Why Haven't I Seen the (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid in Stores?

The (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid is not sold in stores; it is sold "direct to consumer." Eliminating the "middlemen" and traditional marketing expenses allows RXS to use the best materials, components and testing while keeping the price you pay as low as possible.

Q.What Lofts is the (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid Available in?

The (T)Less Hy-Launch is currently available for right handed golfers in 19 & 22 degree lofts. You can purchase them separately or as a two-pack of both 19 & 22 degrees.

Q.Can I Optimize My (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid with My Preferred Shaft Flex?

Yes! We offer the (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid in three shaft flexes to suit just about any golfer on the planet. You can choose from: senior, regular, and stiff.

Q.Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! Try the (T)Less Hy-Launch Hybrid for 30 Days risk free. And really try it -- at the range, on the golf course. Go ahead and TRY to hit bad shots with it. If it's not the best club you've ever owned, send it back within 30 days of purchase for a full product refund. Shipping costs are not included or refundable.