Teeless Driver | Flash Sale


Loft: 13°

Length: 43” men’s; 42.5” ladies and super seniors

Swingweight: D3 men’s; D2 ladies and super seniors

Clubhead size: 260cc

Clubface material: Maraging steel

Flex Average Clubhead Speed Average Driving Distance
Ladies(R3) 70 MPH & Under Under 175 Yards
Senior(R2) 70 - 80 MPH 175 - 210 Yards
Regular 80 - 90 MPH 210 - 250 Yards
Stiff(S) 90 MPH & Over 250+ Yards

Teeless Driver | Year End Special


Q.What is the (T)Less Driver?

The (T)Less Driver was engineered to be the longest, straightest, and most user-friendly metalwood you have ever hit. You can use it as a driver (with or without a tee, hence the name) AND you can use it as a 3-wood from ANY lie including rough, divots, hardpan...even sand. Every shot you hit will launch easier, carry longer and fly straighter than your current driver and/or 3-wood...or your money back.

Q.How and Why Does the (T)Less Driver Work?

This club takes every advantage of physics. First, its low and deep center-of-gravity makes it easy to launch the ball high and far from the tee, fairway, rough, divots, hardpan and sand. Second, its patent-pending Spectrum CT clubface means your toe and heel shots fly nearly as far and straight as the ones you hit dead center. Third, its sole is chunkproof -- it's impossible to hit fat -- so you hit long, powerful shots even with imperfect contact.

Q.How Much More Distance will I Get with the (T)Less Driver?

There are dozens of factors that play into this (including how far you hit your current driver) but most of the amateur golfers we've tested report hitting the ball 10-30 yards farther than with their current clubs. Equally important is the increase in accuracy. Some people say the (T)Less Driver is the straightest club they've ever hit…and we all know it's easier to score from the fairway than from the woods.

Q.Is the (T)Less Driver a "Real," Quality-Made Club?

Yes! Your (T)Less Driver was designed by award-winning industry veterans Guerin Rife and Jeff Sheets of RXS Design. Its head is forged in the same factory "the big brands" use, and your (T)Less Driver comes standard with a premium Fujikura shaft and Lamkin grip.

Q.Will the (T)Less Driver Work with My Current Swing?

Yes! Unlike most "big name" drivers which were designed for Tour players, the (T)Less is optimized for the rest of us! You'll enjoy hitting long, straight shots even with a less-than-perfect swing. You can swing it like a driver, a 3-wood -- even swing it like an iron -- and the ball will launch high, far and straight.

Q.Why Haven't I Seen the (T)Less Driver in Stores?

The (T)Less Driver is not sold in stores; it is sold "direct to consumer." Eliminating the "middlemen" and traditional marketing expenses allows RXS to use the best materials, components and testing while keeping the price you pay as low as possible.

Q.Why is the (T)Less Driver Available in Only One Loft?

Every piece of the (T)Less Driver -- head, shaft, grip -- was engineered to work together. During testing, the 13-degree loft was found to produce the best combination of launch, distance and accuracy for the vast majority of golfers.

Q.Can I Optimize My (T)Less Driver with My Preferred Shaft Flex?

Yes! We offer the (T)Less Driver in five shaft flexes to suit just about any golfer on the planet. You can choose from: super-senior/ladies, senior, regular, and stiff.

Q.Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! Try the (T)Less Driver for 30 Days risk free. And really try it -- at the range, on the golf course. Go ahead and TRY to hit bad shots with it. If it's not the best club you've ever owned, send it back within 60 days of purchase for a full product refund.